Environmentally friendly bathroom equipment

Usually care for ecology and for the state of our natural environment is associated by many people with various actions of environmentalists trying to stop the deforestation of Amazon jungle or to save some nature reserve intact. It is, however, necessary to remember that the ecology is much more complex than this and that practically everyone can (without much difficulty) become an active fighter for the environment without the need to take part in any demonstration or street protest – in fact we can achieve that without even leaving our home!

Facts about saving water

Most probably the vast majority of readers will be rather surprised with the information that the largest amount of drinking water is wasted every single day in our homes – contrary to the common belief the industry is not the biggest threat to the global freshwater reserves. It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned reserves amount to about only 2% of the water present on Earth, which is not that much as one could suspect. Nonetheless the reduction of the amount of water wasted by us can be achieved relatively easily: all you have to do is installation of bathroom equipment designed for the purpose of saving water. A good example of such equipment are rimless toilet bowls (ie. without the internal rim) or water-efficient shower enclosures – possibly the best in this regard is so called „navy shower” (it is a method of showering that requires no more than 15 litres of water and the total time spent under shower is shorter than 2 minutes).

Less bacteria – more savings

interior of a rimless toilet bowl

interior of a rimless toilet bowl

The main advantage of rimless toilet bowls is the fact that there’s no rim under which bacteria can safely reproduce – this directly translates into less germs in the bathroom, which basically means that rimless toilets are a perfect solution for hospitals and other places, where hygiene (and as low amount of germs as possible) plays a key role. Of course rimless toilets can (and should) be used in our homes, and their unique design means also that we won’t have to use as much detergents as previously in order to clean the toilet. Smaller amount of detergents means smaller amount of polluted water and all rimless toilet bowls were also designed to use less water for flushing. The finloa effect is quite a large amount of saved water every day and (as it was already stated before) without leaving our home at all – and there is also a nice side-effect in the form of rather significantly lowered water bills!

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