Distinctive & Functional

Interior of bathroom - basin and faucetWash basins; or sinks as they are most commonly referred to these days), are perhaps also the most popular are of the bathroom, as they receive the most amount of attention.

Think about it, and think carefully about the number of different functions that can be carried out over / in a wash basin.

From brushing your teeth to washing your face, having a shave to applying makeup, washing your hands to filling up a glass of water; there are literally so many tasks that can be carried out within this vicinity.

Wash basins are extremely distinctive and occupy a very specific part of the bathroom, which you could say is the focal point of the entire room.

Whilst an argument could be made for other areas, the wash basin is still the most distinctive area; and for the reasons given above.

For years the design of this particular unit was basic; a curved shape bowl with two taps that produced and then distributed hot and cold water.

Well long gone are the days where this was the case because now, wash basins can be extremely extravagant in their appearance; thanks in part to the advancement in technology.

Much more on this will be discussed in upcoming posts where we will be listing examples of new designs and just how they have changed the face of the regular wash basin.

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