Design Ideas

3D render modern interior of toiletGiven that it is one of the most prominently used areas of the bathroom, it should come as no surprise to hear that there are lots of wash basin designs to choose from.

Originally this was a unit that was very much a simple one; with the majority of installations all looking identical.

Nowadays though, wash basin designs have taken on much more in the way of style; and they are now one of the most centralised decorations in the bathroom.

Sure the same type of effective shape is still in place, but these shapes have been enhanced and improved to effectively provide a better experience for the user.

Deeper wash basin bowels are very much a popular choice these days; with the long standing complaint of them being too shallow, seemingly solved.

Faucets are the main area of design that has been improved though; with everything from turning taps to touch sensor controls.

Combining the latter with tackling water waste; and it makes for a wicked combination. Customisable wash basins are now also becoming very popular with homeowners and not just necessarily in terms of size.

Customisable shapes can be purchased, which effectively gives buyers the free reign to design and shape their very own unit, and to their own style.


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