Design and Permits

demolition debris in kitchen interior constructionWhen buying a home, the ownership of the property is transferred to the new owner.

Of course this is very much common sense, right? One thing to remember though is that even though new ownership is granted, that does not provide complete control over the actual building structure.

For example, some homeowners may decide that they would like to build an extension to their home, which will add both additional space and value.

The idea is that the initial construction costs associated with this will eventually be reimbursed to the overall value of the home; in the event of a sale.

And of course, in between that time, value is naturally generated by use.


However, as an owner, there is still many requirements to be made in regards to satisfying the local council that the extension will meet their own rules and set guidelines.

And therefore relevant designs need to be created, with relevant permits needing to be granted.

A good, local architect who is familiar with the area is the perhaps the best individual to deal with; as this will help minimise the red tape and any potential issues further down the line.

So just keep in mind that knowledge is key here, and no corners should be cut in an attempt to save, because in the end it may create additional and unwelcomed costs.

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