Decorative Items

??????????????????In the previous post we discussed the much welcomed progression of combining decorative items with efficiency in the bathroom area.

And as promised we will now look into some other examples of where this takes place. Let’s start with one of the most prominent units in any bathroom, the toilet.

This is perhaps one of the most prominent combinations of design and efficiency in terms of the level of evolution it has gone through.

First of all the design changes are obvious in that toilets now come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Secondly, the efficiency side of things is achieved through being more eco-friendly, which in turn saves money for the homeowner by way of monthly rates.

Therefore this is perhaps one of the best examples to clearly show how decorative items are now also combining with efficient measures.

Other, perhaps less extravagant (but nonetheless an example), of the above is items such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders; both of which have very much progressed in terms of design and efficiency.

The bathroom, along with perhaps the kitchen, is an area of the home that really has evolved at such a fast pace, and this is why bathroom items are able to achieve so much from both a design and a requirement point of view.

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