Dealing with Damp

Mold in BathroomWe have discussed many times the undesirable effects of damp in the bathroom.

And even though it is to be expected, it makes it no easier to deal with.

Of course this expectancy comes from the fact that water, steam, and subsequent condensation arise as a result of regular bathroom activities.

Unfortunately when damp does indeed occur, it gives the impression of an area that has been unattended to, or neglected.

The reality, however, is that damp can come to fruition extremely quickly, and regardless of whether the affected area has been maintained.

There are a number of measures that can be taken to reduce the effects of damp, and/or to increase the amount of time it takes for it to occur.

However, ultimately and unfortunately, it will always be a potential event waiting to happen.

Cleaning and maintaining the bathroom will not necessarily remove this possibility, and so the best action to take when damp does indeed occur, is to apply protective solutions.

If, as in many cases, the affected areas are the walls or ceilings, investing in some protective paint specifically for use in the bathroom, will provide the best avenue.

Damp is a stubborn old mule and can spread very quickly if left unattended. Keeping an eye on potential risk areas are vital to ensuring things do not get out of hand in such a rapid fashion.

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