Corner Units

bathroom with corner bathtubIt is common knowledge that the bathtub has had a long standing shape structure that has been recognised all over the world.

This of course is the rectangular tub, which up until about one decade ago, was pretty much the only option available.

Things naturally changed and as a result of general design evolution, more options were made available.

We have discussed at length the different types of evolution that the bathroom has gone through, and it was established that it is one of the more evolved areas of the house.

One of the most favoured updated designs of the bathtub was the corner tub options, which as its title suggests, was a tub in the corner.

These types of units are very popular in today’s market; but when they were first introduced, they were even more popular.

The hysteria from buyers was there for all to see as it was not only a drastic change of shape, but it was also drastic in the respect that it changed the entire outlook of the bathroom.

Corner bathtubs are also more spacious, which is perhaps one of the main reasons they are so common for buyers today. Who would say no to more space in the tub, right?

Well the bathroom manufactures were smart in their approach to this new design as it ticked more than its fair share of boxes.


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