Configurative Designs

Part of modern bathroom in blue and gray tonesThe long associated bathtub design has been the rectangular shape, which just about fits the bodily structure of the average adult.

Long before this, however, many years ago, people would bathe in circular units.

And it was from this, and the course of natural evolution, that this rectangular design came into being.

This was, for a very long time, the choice of many and we would see this rectangular unit located against a wall, often to preserve space.

Over time, like the circular moving onto the rectangular, designs of the bathtub changed somewhat drastically.

Nowadays there are literally thousands of different shapes and designs to choose from; many of them now being bespoke and customisable.

Such is the popularity; bathtubs are now seen, not only as a feature for bathing, but also for bathroom decoration. No longer are they only there to serve a purpose and produce water, they are now just as much being used to enhance the overall impression of a room and, in turn, providing a highlight and topic of discussion.

Some say they are used to make a statement, whereas others just simply view them for what their function creates; an environment to bathe. Nonetheless, what is certain is that bathtubs are still very much an important part of the bathroom; despite the widespread introduction of shower units and how popular they too have now become.


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