Comfort or Practicality

Retro bathroomWe have already discussed in some detail the different styles of flooring available for bathrooms.

During these discussions it was also established what each option provided in terms of both comfort and practicality.

In one of more recent posts within this section of the site, we also spoke about combining different floor styles, which would enable homeowners to have the best of both worlds.

The purpose of this post, however, is in response to questions received from our readers asking about bathroom rugs and mats.

Rugs are of course an excellent addition to any room but they are normally not associated with the bathroom. Again, as with a carpet, the reason for this is due to water being a prominent factor in this part of the home.

However, adding a rug to laminate or tiled flooring can be popular and if one is included, they are often found close to the wash basin or bathtub.

It helps break up the main floor style and adds that extra hint of delicate design. Mats on the other hand, are something that we have not really discussed so far.

To clear this up, it is important to note that mats are normally used within the bathtub or shower areas as a way of providing additional grip to users.

Again, it should come as no surprise to hear that this is very much to do with water; as it provides a slippery surface. We will possibly talk more about mats in upcoming posts.


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