Colours Galore

Collage of home improvement picturesOK so let’s address a topic that is extremely relevant and popular in terms of bathroom decoration.

As the old saying goes “there are many ways to skin a cat”, just like there are indeed many ways to decorate a bathroom.

In fact, the same can be applied to any room in the house; there is a multitude of ways in which it can be done.

Ultimately though, it will come down to the personal design preferences of the homeowner.


Talking specifically about the bathroom in this instance, the colour of the walls is one of the most vital components for setting the tone of the room.

As we know, bathrooms can be used for relaxation time and so the aura of the vicinity is very important.

Warm colours such as peach, terracotta, deep red, brown and a newly popular one, green, are all shades that constitute warmth.

Deciding what colour is not easy and it is very good advice to use a variety of testers to get a glimpse of what your bathroom could look like.

The decision then is whether to use one singular colour throughout, or to use different shades. One popular choice is to paint two sides of the bathroom one colour and choose a different shade for the other two sides.

The decision here with this particular style is whether or not to use the same colour but a different shade, or to have contrasting colours. We will be discussing these types of styles in upcoming posts.

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