Choosing a Style

Old Ceiling FanThe importance of fans in the bathroom has already been discussed but to recap and summarise let’s just say that they help prevent damp; something that is a high risk for this area of the house.

They can also be a nice decorative item as well, but this is something that should come as a secondary priority when considering a purchase.

So what kinds of styles are available and what should one choose? Plastic fans are a popular choice with bathroom buyers.

Whilst there is no particular and specific reason for this, the fact of the matter is that the majority of ceiling fans manufactured; are seemingly this type of style.

Alternative options include wooden ceiling fans; with each individual fan extension being of wooden material (not necessarily the actual motorised main circuit area).

These offer something of a different look and feel, yet from a decorative point of view, are only really suited to bathroom styles that have some form of wooden design in place.

They are, however, perhaps more eloquent looking than plastic fans; simply because there are some very nice wooden finished that can be purchased.

Both types of styles (plastic and wood) offer the same kind of efficiency and neither is seemingly better than the other. The choice between the two therefore, is simply based on design and price.


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