Choosing a bidet for the bathroom

Some inventions have really surprising history and sometimes a given item despite being revolutionary and obviously very useful doesn’t become popular in the country where it was first introduced. That’s what happened to bidet, which for rather short time after inventing was considered absolutely necessary item in every European house, but disappeared from these houses almost completely during next 100 years. Nowadays though bidets are more and more often seen in the stores and their constantly growing popularity sometimes may lead to problems with choosing a bidet for our own bathroom. That’s why it may be advantageous (and definitely rather helpful) to know at least few things about bidets before purchasing one.

Standard vs electronical bidet

floor standing bidet

floor standing bidet

Standard bidet looks very similar to a typical toilet bowl, which basically means that in larger bathrooms we should have no problem with finding some free spot for this piece of bathroom equipment, but in smaller bathrooms (which means the vast majority of bathrooms in blocks of flats) this may be a difficult task. That’s why for some time now are available on the market electronical bidets (they are usually called „washlets”), which have one significant advantage: they are installed on a traditional toilet bowl – this allows to save quite a lot of floor space in the bathroom while simultaneously increasing its functionality. As you see the first decision when choosing a bidet will be directly influenced by the size of our bathroom.

Tradition vs modernity

When comes to the basic level of functionality bidets are practically identical no matter the type, because the role of a bidet is to let us care for our personal hygiene in a comfortable way. However when comes to more advanced functions bidets can be radically different one from another and the best example of this are bidets manufactured in Japan (which, surprisingly, is probably the only country where bidets are popular from the moment of their first introduction) – usually their standard range of functions includes weather forecast, several different massage and drying programs (different for men, different for women) or FM radio. To sum things up: if you prefer traditional solutions and have rather spacious bathroom, then without any doubt you should look for classic bidets – wall-hung or floor-standing ones. However if you want your bidet to be something more than only a functional piece of bathroom equipment, you should definitely choose an electronical one.

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