Carpet Cleaning

Depositphotos_21943035_sThe first thing that should be pointed out here is that we have always stated bathrooms should not be decorating with carpet.

And the reasons for this are perfectly clear; water damage can easily be created and it is often a real pain to remove.

More often than not it leads to the carpet needing to be replaced. However, we have also stated, on many occasions, that carpeting the bathroom can provide a luxurious look, whilst creating a cosy feel.

It’s just a shame that there are so many risks associated with having a carpet in this part of the house.

But for the purpose of this post let’s assume that a carpet is indeed in place but it needs cleaning, what needs to happen?

Well first of all, extra care needs to be taken and most likely a carpet steamer will need to be used.

The last thing that should be attempted is the conventional way of using a bucket filled with water and a cleaning detergent.

Whilst this might prevail in other parts of the home, it is not the advised solution for the bathroom. Steam cleaning is the preferred option as it will provide the best possible chance of removing any stains created by regular water use.

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