Breaking Things Down

cleaning the toiletOK so the time has come regarding where to begin. For the sake of this post let us jump right in at the deep end and talk through how to properly clean the toilet.

Most units are the same kind of structure and have the same panels and features.

The only instance where this is not the case is for the more modern units, which can have lesser areas to clean; such is the reason for them being introduced into the marketplace.

Start your cleaning with the outside of the toilet and ensure to scrub carefully around the areas where the unit actually meets with the floor.

This will often be a rough edge so ensure enough cleaning solution is applied. Following this use a damp cloth mixed with a cleaning solution to wipe the main part of the toilet unit and make sure the back and sides are cleaned properly.

Next up would be the top of the unit, which will naturally gather dust over time. After wiping the dust with a regular cloth or towel, apply the cleaning solution to ensure germ production is reduced.

Once this is complete it will now be time to attack the most germ ridden area of the unit, the inside basin. Many people like to apply bleach to this section and so this should be your first step.

Alternatively there are equally powerful drop-in tablets that can be used. Whatever the choice, the toilet should be left for up to 1 hour. Upon returning, a final wipe of the area will be required.

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