Big or Small?

luxury hand wash basinWhen it comes to choosing the perfect wash basin there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Mainly, however, is the choice of shape and size, which represents something of a difficult decision.

Nonetheless, in most cases, and especially with UK bathrooms, the choice of size will already be made as there is not much space to work with.


What you will often find then is that the majority of wash basins in UK homes are generally the same size; or at least very similar.

To those with a choice, however, the decision then needs to be made regarding what is better? In years gone by many homeowners desired a bigger sized wash basin.

And while this is still very much the case for many, apartment and inner city living has focused more on smaller units, which are both stylish and attractive.

One of the ways this has been achieved is by the introduction of indifferent shapes that look very modern and provide a nice overall look and feel.

These new designs might not look as professional if they were bigger, and so developers have really made subtle changes to reflect how smaller wash basins can be desirable once more.

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