Bathroom for older and young people – „Avalon” from „Twyford”

Designing a bathroom in a forward-looking manner (by this I mean being aware of the fact that someday we will grow old and may be unable to use all pieces of bathroom equipment without a problem) is still rather unpopular, which is a pity – a lot of people could save considerable amount of money and their precious time if they would decide to arrange the bathroom appropriately right from the beginning. There may be a need in the future to replace practically all fittings in the bathroom with pieces of equipment that are designed for older people and this is usually very costly. That’s why I recommend to solve this very problem before it even appears – „Avalon” suite is in my opinion quite a good solution available for reasonable price.

Variety and versatility

Avalon bathtub

Avalon bathtub

The most important feature of this particular suite is the fact that it is complete (by „complete” I mean the suite that has all necessary elements required in a bathroom, including a bathtub and/or shower enclosure), so it can be used to arrange practically any bathroom no matter the size. Equally important is the fact that solutions included in „Avalon” suite can be easily used to design the bathroom for young (and thus physically fit) people as well as the bathroom for disabled. Additionally „Avalon” suite easily combines these two functionalities without any negative impact on the level of comfort of the bathroom for all the users. As for the details in „avalon” suite we will find: two types of floor-standing toilet bowls (one of them is rimless), two wall-hung toilet bowls (again one of them is rimless), two sinks, quite large rectangular bathtub (1750×750 mm), bath panel, shower seat and huge selection of grab rails. Basically this suite is supposed to be used in bathrooms for disabled, but in my opinion it is just perfect for everyone, who want to avoid troubles with rearranging the bathroom in the future when they’ll grow old.


I think that arranging a bathroom with the fact that we’ll grow old and won’t be as physically fit as young persons is not the case of hypochondria, but rather foresight. The intelligent use of elements from „Avalon” suite can help us to avoid quite substantial costs of remodelling our bathroom if it turns out that (for example) we won’t be able to use our bathtub. Of course this does not mean that we are obliged to install all the grab rails etc., but it may be a wise idea to plan where we’d want to have them installed if the need arises – for me „Avalon” from „Twyford” is a really great bathroom suite that is not only functional, but also really beautifully designed.

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