An Easy Explanation

Toilet and bidet in the modern bathroom of hotelThere is much confusion surrounding this particular bathroom device and much of it comes from certain truism’s that seem to have been created over many years.

The reality is that they serve two purposes; the first, which is their main function, is to provide a method of cleaning for certain aspects of the body.

The other, which is why bidets are now much more commonly used, is simply as a

decoration for a bathrooms’ interior. Bidets were extremely popular in years gone by when. it is fair to say, that technology was perhaps not as advanced as it is today.

However, like with anything from the past, things eventually swing right back around; and so bidets are now being seen more often in modern bathrooms.

The reason behind this is that it seems bidets are now “back in fashion” and therefore modernised bathroom interiors are becoming much more historic than ever before. Slick with chic is apparently the saying, which is why bidets are making their way into a large number of homes; not just here in the UK, but worldwide.

The above information is totally and completely accurate so the next time a debate regarding bidets comes up on conversation; you now have the correct answer as to what they are! More information on their actual uses will be covered in the next post.

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