Alternative Measures

Master bath in luxury homeIn the previous post we highlighted the importance of a fan being installed in the bathroom; not only for decorative effect (more of a luxury than a priority), but for the fact that they help prevent the occurrence of damp.

One thing to note, however, is that not all bathrooms are setup to accommodate a fan, which poses the question; what alternative measures can be taken?


Well unfortunately, there really is no substitute for having a fan in place, but the next best thing would be to have a window open.

And this should not be the case only when a shower or bath is taking place, for example; it should also be that the window is left open intermittently throughout the day.

Most importantly, it should be left open immediately after heat has been generated. Other measures that can be taken, which might cause a little bit of a stir in some homes is to leave the bathroom door open!

Doors are quite large in diameter and so this provides steam with an outlet to escape from the confined area of the bathroom.

And on the subject of outlets, we would like to clear up any debate relating to portable fans being used as a possible alternative.

Portable fans will not suffice to help rid of steam, and therefore damp, unless there is an actual outlet for the steam to escape.

A portable fan might seem like a good idea, but it will only recycle the steam and, in some cases, actually make the situation worse.

And finally on this subject, we would once again like to highlight the importance of a fan in the bathroom and wherever possible, once should certainly be installed.


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