Additional Requirements

urinals in a public toiletWe have touched upon the topic of cleaning in recent posts regarding public bathrooms.

However, it should also be noted that whilst they do indeed require some serious germ prevention, the frequency of the cleaning processes should also be noted.

You may have noticed that in the majority of public bathrooms, certainly the more modern ones, there will be a time log sheet situated close to the main doorway.

On this will be a list of signatures and times, which represent the completion of a check and clean.

You may also notices that the times between each of these is set to regular intervals; ensuring that the vicinity is well maintained and cleansed.

Depending on the type of bathroom will determine the exact frequency. For example, a pristine hotel that houses well-paying customers will undoubtedly be checked much more frequently than a public bathroom in a marketplace that sees a lot of foot traffic.

Nonetheless, germ prevention is absolutely vital and is taken very seriously by local government and councils. Of course recipients of these areas can also do their bit to help, which can often be the case.

Additional requirements in terms of constant checking and the frequency of cleaning is much more than some might expect.

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