Adding Convenience

Depositphotos_5487878_sIt is now pretty common for people to choose a shower as their main form of bathing, as opposed to taking a bath; which had for so long been the main source.

Whilst there is no exact reason or science behind this shift in choice, it can quite possibly be down to something as simple as modernisation.

In fact, it is quite plausible that this is the single most reason as to the why, and it provides a distinct insight into the ever changing common opinion of people.

As noted above, for so long the most popular choice (and perhaps only choice) for bathing, was to use the bathtub and take a bath. For years and generations this was the single most preferred option and it was seen as something of a convenience.

However, over time, and as with anything in life, newer alternatives were made available and technology changes so much that additional alternatives were made available for bathroom users. The shower was of course introduced and was an invention that pretty much galvanised the bathroom area of the house and modernised the way bathing could take place.

And as we know now, the shower is one of the single most popular items / units in the household, which poses the question by many as to how people lived without one for so long?


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