A Sense of Smell

Lavender bath productsIf there is one thing that improves the overall feeling of a bathroom, it has to be ‘smelly stuff’.

However, not all people quite understand this concept and think it is just simply a matter of adding some kind of scent to the area, which then in turn, helps increase the sense of smell.

Whilst this may be party true, there is so much more to decorating the bathroom with smelly stuff, than simply buying something that smells nice! It may sound slightly contradictory but let me explain.

There are many different scents that can be purchase, which yes, they will increase the overall scent of the bathroom. However, the key to doing it properly is to purchase items that are colour co-ordinated.

These usually come as part of a pack, which will see a number of different products. The thing is that bathroom designers know that


it takes more than a singular item to add that element of spice to this part of the house, which is why in their showrooms they often showcase colour co-ordinated items; all of which have the same smell; but all have their own identities and are their purely for decorative effect.

These usually come in the form of bath salts, soaps, gels, flannels, and a very popular one, which are candles. So the next time you want to add a little bit of subtle personality to your bathroom, consider purchasing a combination of smelly stuff; ideally by the packet so that there are matching items.


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