A Personal Opinion

White RestroomLet’s talk about bidets and whether or not they are relevant to the modern day bathroom.

As with any kind of debate or argument there are always going to be two sides to a story.

And this is no different because there are indeed cases for having a bidet as part of your bathroom decoration, and also for not having one in place.

In terms of my own personal opinion I would have to say that I am not a great lover of bidets being used in today’s modern bathrooms, but I do appreciate and see the reasons why some would think the total opposite.

For me, however, I would say that there are certain things, which should not come back into “fashion”, having been popular in the past.


And I would put a bidet in this category. Often, however, we have seen it many times where decorative items from the past; be it for home decoration or fashion, are seemingly given a whole new platform to re-introduce themselves into the mainstream once more.

And so as noted above, I can see and appreciate why some might think of bidets in this way as they were, after all; an extremely popular choice in years gone by.

For me, however, I just feel that the modernised bathrooms of today are better placed with lesser items on show and therefore look and function much better when there is added space.

Adding a bidet would reduce this and therefore this is one of the main reasons as to why I personally would not have such an item in my own bathroom. It is, of course, all about opinions however and that must be noted!


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