A Messy Affair

renovate and refurbish the bathroomWhen it comes to building a bathroom extension, many do not always fully grasp the number of difficulties that can arise.

One of the most common miscalculations is the down time and the alternative arrangements that are required for everyday bathroom activities.

As water is at the forefront of all these activities, the likelihood of it being available during the construction is very unlikely.

And so it is the small things like brushing your teeth or using the wash basin to bathe; that become a challenge.

Another area that is often misjudged is the amount of mess that occurs. Builders are not cleaners and due to the nature of their jobs, they can often leave behind a cleaning challenge that may mean a good amount of time being required to clear up.

This is not the case for all, but it is something that needs to be recognised when planning for bathroom activity alternatives.

The key for homeowners is to be as open and flexible as possible whilst construction is taking place; and to be sure that suitable measures are pre-planned that will mean normal day to day bathroom activities can still be carried out – albeit elsewhere in the home.

Many find it surprising just how different the daily running of a home changes once certain elements such as water is not so readily available.

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