A Costly Affair

A public bathroom in an airport

A public bathroom in an airport

The purpose of public toilets is well founded and you might say a necessity.

Without them towns, villages and cities would clearly suffer; such is there importance in society.

However, although effectively “free”, apart from in certain locations, the cost associated with repairs is substantial.

With this comes added pressure on governments and councils to provide public funds in order to keep these venues maintained.

However, what often happens is that many become run down and in need of desperate attention / repair.

And after a sustained period of time, they become almost unusable. Among the issues faced with public toilets is the homeless who often use them as a base for shelter.

Other issues include drug use, which is becoming a more common issue for local councils. The reality is that public toilets are a helpful and welcomed addition to any location and so ideally they would be maintained and kept in good condition.

As is the case in many UK cities, however, this is just not the case and those using the facilities on a regular basis are the ones that suffer the most.

It is understandable that not all repair work can be carried out at the drop of a hat because it is a costly affair. However, something needs to be done to protect what is such a great public service.

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